How does it work?

4Scouts contains a website system and a (offline working) tablet application. The system forms the database for the club and the environment from which the club manages her scouts. With the tablet application as a replacement for the classic paper book, scouts can more easily than ever record their observations and create reports according to their own standards or by the standards of the club. Everything that the scout incorporates in the application is stored in the full secured website system, the database of the club.

By this link you can view the extensive manual of the software and application of 4Scouts. Below you can read more about the most important options within the software.

Club account settings

Scout account(s)

Creating one or more accounts for scouts within your own club environment is very simple. The accounts are created in the website system by the club and can be used to login on the tablet application.

You can provide each account with the desired rights. With the log-in data, a scout can log in both in the tablet application and in the website system. Assigning rights to a scout determines what this person can or can not view or do within the website system.

In addition, it is possible to create one or more departments within the club account. Specific player characteristics, scouts and reports can be linked to a specific department.

Player attributes

Within the software it is possible to set values as desired and assign these values to positions. Assigning values to positions is optional, it is also possible to show all values for all positions.

It is also possible to indicate the relevance of a value for a particular position. This is indicated in the system with different colors. This allows scouts to see in one blink an eye whether a certain value is important, desirable or irrelevant to a position.

Club settings

A club can set up the system completely according to their requirements. Consider, for example, the wish to have scouts fill in an average valuation, the way of sending e-mails and reports, setting minimum and maximum attribute values etc.

Tablet application

To be able to work quickly and efficiently with one simple application during the match? 4Scouts makes this possible. By self-set standards, scouts can record observations quickly and easily during the match. This allows clubs to work their scouts according to the same standards. The result is an almost completed standard report that is available immediately after the match.

Preparing for the competition

The software contains a planning tool that can be arranged per club according to their wishes. Clubs can indicate which leagues and clubs they want to follow. The matches of these leagues and/or clubs are automatically added to the schedule. Assign certain games to one or more scouts and they will be automatically notified by e-mail / Google Calendar.

If a match is assigned to a scout on time (24 hours before the start of the match), the line-up is automatically loaded 30 minutes before the start of the match. It is also possible to do this manually yourself.

Start scouting

The scout can easily click on the appointed match to start scouting.

There are different displays for making a report:

  • an overview with all players in tabular form;
  • a field view where the players can actually be placed on the field;
  • an individual report aimed at one player;
  • or an overview with only the field and a notepad.

The scout can choose himself which display he prefers.

During the match it is possible to click on players and write notes and reviews. You can switch between different players at any time. This is also the case for the substitutes.

The scout can save the entire report after the match and send it to the website system with one touch of the button. There is also automatically a report per player in the system. The reports can always be edited afterwards in the system.

View results

All reports can be found in one clear database. Here you can view the details per game, but it is also possible to show all the ratings of a particular player in one overview.

Customized system

The options explained above are standard in every 4Scouts system. This makes the system a complete software package that can be used directly by each club. Of course it is also possible to have extra options developed to suit your needs. We will be happy to discuss the wishes.


Safety is very important at 4Scouts. The data you add in the system is only visible for your own club account and the associated scouts with the assigned rights. 4Scouts takes various measures to ensure that the data is actually stored safely. If you have any questions about this, we will be happy to help you.